Introducing Pen Pal Whizz

An educational product which seeks to enhance your child's reading and learning experience through fun and interaction!


Why Pen Pal Whizz?

Children have  plenty of access to well-written and beautifully illustrated books from a young age. Having an adult present to read aloud to the child indubitably adds to his/her reading experience as this creates conversation and encourages the child to ask questions and further explore the colourful pictures on the page.

With Pen Pal Whizz, children can engage in independent exploration with limited adult supervision. Visual and oral learning can greatly enhance both basic and higher-order learning processes.

  • Pen Pal Whizz can read, speak and sing in multiple languages!
  • We believe strongly in providing a high-quality product that can withstand vigorous usage from children.
  • Speech/audio scripts and recordings are done by professional translators under the guidance of education professionals.
  • Besides meticulous and personalised after-sales service, including continuously providing you with updates on new books and file downloads, our products are also covered by a one-year warranty.