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Introducing Pen-Pal Whizz, an educational product which seeks to enhance your child's reading and learning experience through fun and interaction!

Pen Pal Whizz is the perfect blend of digital technology and traditional learning methods, transforming conventional printed materials into interactive tools that can emit responsive voices or sounds in any language, greatly enhancing the readability and enjoyment of any reading material.

Pen Pal Whizz is a unique educational tool as it not only reads aloud written text but also adds much more supplementary content--new dialogue between characters, interactive games to be played on the pages and more. Your child only needs to tap their Pen Pal on compatible books to activate pre-loaded audio files that will make the text come to life with cheerful voices and music. A whole new learning experience emerges through your child's sense of touch, sight, hearing, arousing their natural curiosity and enhancing their cognitive thinking skills.

  1. Pen Pal Whizz provides an additional dimension to the traditional reading experience. It encourages your child to engage in the tactile, sensory experience of interacting with physical pages on a book, and visual and audio learning can also occur through songs and games.
  2. Children can improve their reading comprehension skills by tapping on characters and illustrations in their books to interact with them, deepening their understanding of the text.
  3. With just the lightweight, portable Pen Pal and a book, learning can happen anywhere and anytime!
  4. Pen Pal Whizz can be used for both individual and group learning.
  5. Pen Pal Whizz can be customized to read any book in any language.
  6. Users are able to learn at their own pace, repeating the content whenever they like.
  7. With engaging audio content to complement their reading, children are much less likely to be distracted by external factors.
  8. Interactive games embedded within the books make reading fun and engaging, helping your child to cultivate a love for books from a young age.

Why Pen Pal?

A substantial number of studies have proven the effectiveness of multimodal learning over unimodal learning.

Our children often have access to well-written and beautifully illustrated books from a young age. However, having an adult present to read aloud indubitably adds to a child's reading experience as their conversation and companionship encourages children to ask questions and more deeply explore the colourful pictures on the page.

With Pen Pal Whizz, children can engage in independent exploration even without the supervision of an adult. Visual and verbal learning can together greatly enhance both basic and higher-order learning processes.

  • We are able to provide customization services. Simply provide us with the book(s) you want to be encoded and we will be able to make your books come alive.
  • Pen Pal Whizz can read, speak and sing in multiple languages!
  • We believe strongly in providing a high-quality product that can withstand vigorous usage from children.
  • Speech/audio scripts and recordings are done by professional translators under the guidance of education professionals.
  • Besides meticulous and personalised after-sales service, including continuously providing you with updates on new books and file downloads, our products are also covered by a one-year warranty.